10 Hidden Ranch Drive
Hooksett, NH 03106



Let Custom Barns, LLC make your barn look like new (or old) again...

 Does your barn need a new roof?
Custom Barns works with metal and conventional roofing.

Is your barn too small?
Let Custom Barns add on to your current barn.

Barn looking old and worn out? 
Custom Barns can replace all or part of your siding with brand new siding or old barn boards.

Has your barn shifted, does it lean?
Custom Barns can take out your old broken beams and replace them with similar hand hewn or saw cut beams

 Is your barn sinking?
Custom Barns can jack up your foundation, replace sills and work with rock foundations.

**Custom Barns, LLC has antique barn boards, beams, windows, doors and other miscellaneous barn parts in stock.**  
(See Salvage Materials Page)